My twitter start up guide

So, you keep hearing about this twitter thing. You have signed up and tweeted a few tweets and followed a few people but still don’t really get it, or see how you can use this to make your online millions. Firstly, it is all about trial and error and what works for one person may not work for you. Here are 5 simple rules to live by to get you tweeting like the pros and cranking up that klout score! I will explain Klout too!

1. Before you get too tweety

Pick 3-5 areas of interest i.e. PPC, SEO, Social marketing, Entrepreneurial (what ever that is)
Set a Tone of voice that you will try and use in your tweets. Remember though it is a “social” platform and being too corporate is not that exciting for most people!

2. Who to follow

This should be based on your areas of interest you have highlighted in step 1
Pick people to follow based on setting up some filters using #tags
Look at other peoples lists to find interesting people
Don’t go crazy with people to follow (pick a few each day/week)
Pick a few industry leaders as well as people who are likely to follow you back (not great following millions of people and having 1 follower)

3. Scheduled tweets by bulk

If you are using a tool like Hootsuite (which I would recommend) then utilise the schedule option on it to plan ahead.

follow fridays #ff (pick some people to follow)
Write 10 questions based tweets to spark engagement
If you have a blog, well spread the word! Create some article tweets with links

4. Hash tags

Hash tags are a way of grouping tweets or searching for tweets. They can be used to find other people talking about the same topic, or help others find you.

Pick some hash tags that match your topic of interest
Use them in your tweets to meet other similar tweeters
Set up streams of these hash tags to pick up follows (again something you can do in hootsuite, or tweetdeck)

5. Adhoc tweets

Ask questions, answer questions just as you would in every day life. This means you will need to have a quick way to access your twitter account. Also, just make sure your email settings are configured to let you know when someone tweets you so you can reply. No one likes being left hanging!

Oh, and try and make it easy for people to follow you.

[tfb username=’lukequilter’ count=’false’ lang=’en’ theme=’dark’]

Finally, to help you measure your efforts there is a tool called Klout which gives you feed back on how influential you are on various social platforms.