As our CEO Luke turns 34 today (we know, he’s getting on a bit!), we asked him to put together 34 things he loves about digital…

34 things I love about digital

  1. Google Analytics (generally – wow, what a cool tool)
  3. Mobile data connectivity
  4. Cloud working on Google Docs
  5. My Philips hue lights that switch on based on where I am (on my way home, or going to and from London)
  6. My WiFi enabled doorbell
  7. Baby tech
  8. IFTTT (an awesome program)
  9. Amazon Alexa
  10. When filming our vlogs and getting it first take
  11. Signing an epic client
  12. Our new digital training business Giant Campus that just signed a massive but currently secret deal! Watch this space…
  13. How digital can enhance offline marketing activities
  14. Supermetrics (check it out!)
  15. (I think I am addicted…)
  16. FaceTime and speaking to my parents who are abroad a lot… (alright for some!)
  17. Google Hangouts
  18. Remarketing (when it is done right!)
  19. The constant change of technology
  20. Apple iPhone
  21. Apple Watch
  22. Apple TV
  23. Everything else that Apple make
  24. My awesome iBox
    iBoxThe iBox has optimum storage; this beautiful piece of technology houses my snacks, acts as a stand for my Macbook, and also is a pen holder…!
  25. Pokemon Go (well, for the first 2 weeks after it launched)
  26. YouTube to help me fix things
  27. YouTube to inspire me!
  28. Google Sketch Up for designing house related projects
  29. SIRI (and setting reminders with it)
  30. WiFi hotspot in my car
  31. Apple carplay (it’s amazing!)
  32. Predictive journey time when getting in your car
  33. The Change For Life Sugar Smart app (I can’t believe how much sugar is in everything! Watch that sugar film and you will know what I am talking about!)

  34. Citymapper (what an amazing app)


Happy Birthday Luke!