2015 was predicted to be one of the biggest sales years yet. How did it fare?
Black Friday

There were concerns raised when Black Friday resulted in an unexpected low high street turnout in contrast to the scenes of pandemonium seen last year; This year’s sales figures have indicated that consumers concentrated their bargain hunting online instead, with retailers extending their promotions over the weekend in a bid to attract more in-store purchases.

This year’s Black Friday saw UK shoppers spend a record £1.1 billion online, up 36% on last year and was the first time the £1 billion mark has ever been breached. Amazon also reported it had sold 7.4 million items on Black Friday in the UK, up from last year’s 5.5 milion.

However, John Lewis said there had been a “different pattern of trade to last year”, with sales on Black Friday driven by online spending but its stores enjoying a 9.3% sales increase on the Saturday.


Cyber Monday

Yesterday, Cyber Monday, one of the busiest internet shopping days of the year, celebrated its 10th year. Researchers predicted that UK consumers would spend around £943 million, with websites under significant strain as the amount of online shoppers rose up 270% from last year.

Twitter could be the dark horse winning the Cyber Monday race, however: a 2014 study by GlobalWebIndex found that that 75% of active Twitter users have made online purchases via the Twitter ‘buy’ button. It is also noted that 21.9% of online purchases are done via a mobile, with four times as more purchases being done on Apple devices as opposed to Android.


Not really a fan of the Black Friday weekend fanfare?

I hear ya! Although this year’s sales figures and headlines may suggest everything seems cosy, turnover doesn’t always convert into profits…

A survey conducted by eDigitalResearch and IMRG found that while 31% of shoppers either ‘like’ or ‘love’ major discount events such as Black Friday, a further 30% ‘don’t like’ or ‘hate’ them. The other 39% were unsure.

What do you think of Black Friday and Cyber Monday? A capitalist’s dream? Or a consumer nightmare?