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Thanks for coming along to the presentations. I hope the content was interesting and useful. I think the main take away from the session will be too, (if you can) dedicate a bit more time to thinking about how to market your respective companies online.

There is always bits you can do yourself to start with, so don’t feel that it is too daunting. Essentially remember that you are creating a website which should be useful for your customers. Ask yourself the question: If someone landed on your site, do they know what it is about, and what to do next?

If you are using an agency to do this for you, make sure you are working closely with them as you will know your business better than they will. Ask them to talk you through the various disciplines, and if they are not able to explain then consider looking else where. Online marketing is often made overly complicated when it doesn’t need to be. Of course there is a lot to it, but the basic principles still apply.

Downloads and Resources

Session Presentation

Here is a viewable/downloadable version of the presentation


Information on SEO Provides a great insight into how SEO works, from the basics all the way up.

Some SEO tools from Google


We have another presentation on SEO and PPC available here. This goes into a bit more detail on both PPC and SEO.

In order to get the best performance from your PPC campaign, we would always recommend a landing page strategy. Here is a blog on some key benefits of the landing page strategy.


Google tv advert, (a good summary of how search has changed our lives) Search on!

Will it blend!?

Domain check (Whois) look up. How to check who a domain is registered too and when it expires.

Looking to track facebook or other forms of advertising within Google Analytics? Use the Google URL builder to help configure the links to pull the correct information in and display it within the dash board.

Check what percentage of people can see what on your site by using the Google screen size tool.

Feel free to give me a call or drop me an email if you have any further questions that we didn’t have time to cover.

Best of luck with your online marketing in 2010.

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