Developing client relationships through Google analytics.

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Google analytics isn’t just a powerful tool if you are running a business. It is a great way to help you develop relationships with your clients. You can view what they are doing well, but also where they could use some help. At which point you can offer your services or provide them with contact details for a trusted partner in order to extend your existing relationship, build trust and increase revenue.

Essentially analytics firstly helps you understand how people get to the site and secondly what they do on the site. These are the 2 main areas covered by analytics which provide enough information to help us as agencies find out where we can help.


I would suggest that looking at how each channel is performing is a great place to start. By clicking on the traffic sources tab you will be able to see where they are getting their traffic from. If there is a noticeable percentage difference in say organic traffic and paid traffic then there could be an opportunity to discuss, SEO / PPC in order to increase visitors to the site.

The same applies with on page metrics. By looking at the top content tag you may be able to see that some of the pages have particularly high bounce rates. At this point you could recommend trying a new layout, setting up some conversion optimisation, user testing etc. All of these things will benefit the client and help you as an agency.

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White Label Analytics