Some of you may wonder what a ‘de personalised’ search on Google is. In simple terms, performing a de personalised search allows you to see returned search results without Google taking any previous searches you have made into consideration, therefore making the results ‘de personalised’.

Here’s how you can do it.

Step one

Go to your Chrome browser, click on the wrench in the top right hand corner and click on ‘Settings’.

Google Chrome Settings

Step two

You should see a ‘Search’ header near the bottom of the page in settings. Click on ‘Manage Search Engines’

Manage Search Engines In Chrome

Step three

A pop up box should appear with all the different search engines that are available.

1. Scroll down until you see three boxes where you can add your de personalised search engine settings.
2. Enter Google into the Search Engine Box
3. Enter a ‘tag’ which you will use as a prefix before you make a search. I use ‘de’
4. Enter this url into the url box –
5. Make sure you set your new search method as the default search engine.
6. Press OK

Insert New Google Search Settings

Now open a new tab and enter the tag you used for your new search engine and hit the space button. I used the tag ‘de’ in this instance.

De Personalised Search Tag

When you hit space the name of the search engine should appear. It should come up with Google if you named it that way. Type in the keyword you would like to search for and hit enter.

Google De Personalised

You should now see a set of de personalised search results. Notice how the url at the top of the page has attached the parameter ‘&pws=0’. This is the parameter used to de personalise the search.

De Personalised Search Results

Thats it! You can now see ‘de personalised’ search results. Enjoy!