Sam Caesar

Solutions Architect & Search Account Manager

About Sam Caesar

When did you start working at Sleeping Giant Media?


What’s your specialist skill or party trick?

I’m a digital problem solver. If there’s a hack or workaround, 9 out of 10 times I’ll find it.

What does your day job entail?

My day job entails everything from optimising the performance of client websites to figuring out the best solutions for our giants to work remotely.

What areas of digital marketing do you specialise in?

My favourite area is definitely SEO. There are less black and white rules and a lot more room for creative experimentation.

Why Sleeping Giant Media?

When I came for my interview, Ant asked the same question. I responded by saying that just after my office walk around, it felt like I imagined the first few years at some Silicone Valley startup felt. It didn’t feel like a stuffy ‘corporate’ office with hierarchy and closed-door corner offices. Everyone was super friendly, open and approachable. Plus, no-one else in the local area was working in SEM on this level. I was just really excited to be in the building, and thankful that feeling has continued all these years later.

What’s your favourite part of working at Sleeping Giant Media?

100% the people. It’s always been the strength of the company. Feeling empowered through the appreciation of the fact we’re all different and contribute to different things.

What’s one of your favourite campaigns or accounts you’ve worked on?

Boon Edam – a highlight was definitely when we went to Edam in the Netherlands to help train fifteen marketing managers from all around the world in SEO.

What about digital inspires you the most?

Digital is like the ocean. It ebbs and flows, and seems to be constantly changing, but at the end of the day, it’s still the ocean. I love the dynamic nature of digital, and how the principles can be applied to so many various facets inspiring you to dig deeper.

What’s your favourite marketing platform and why?

Google – they run the world and want to help make it a better place. Unlike Apple who is solely in it for the money.

Name a random fact about yourself…

I had to have major surgery because of… air guitar.





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