Why do you work here?
I breathe all things digital. My love of digital has had to be expressed – I genuinely can’t contain myself. SGM seemed like the right place to express that, since stepping into the office for the first time, the vibe of digital – how I imagine the Google/Facebook offices were back in the day (before the whole, Cambridge Analytica… fake news scandals)
What do you do at work each day?
I apply my love of digital, to my client portfolio, managing aiming to apply appropriate strategies, in the right places. Every client is different, and the end goals tend to vary, so it’s not just a one size fits all solution. I liaise with our clients on understanding what their objectives are, and coordinate the team on delivering these measurable results.
What excites you about digital?
The fast pace way it is changing our lives. 15 years ago, social media was limited to a select few, and 15 years before that the internet was not something that everyone had access to. Now everyone and their nan is on social, and we’ve got 4G internet whizzing around our heads. Who knows what the scene will look like in another 15 years. That dramatic shift and exponential change excite me.