Hi. I am Sam. A surprisingly well-adjusted Anglo-Caribbean-Viking.

Before you start with your jokes, I do not like green eggs and ham. Not in a box, or with a fox…I really don’t like eating anything green! I prefer foods in the brown or beige food groups. I joined SGM in the summer of 2014, around the same time I decided to uproot my family from the streets of London and bring them to the Garden of England that is Kent.

Leaving school at the tender age of fifteen (long story short – child prodigy) I went straight to design college, where I scored an apprenticeship at one of the biggest design firms in Aarhus. After leaving college, I was self-employed for five years as a technological wonder boy, relying on my design background to facilitate the creation of websites, brochures and other delightfully creative products.

Fast-forward twelve years, eleven A-levels, three countries, a wife and two fantastic kids later, I found myself working at a designer furniture firm, with one foot in their PPC team, and another in their newly started business development department, where I got my initial taste for digital marketing. As far as papers are concerned, I am currently Adwords and Analytics certified, have a TEFL qualification under my belt, and more A-levels than you can throw a stick at.

Notable achievements: I have assisted in the cloning of two miniature versions of myself and my wife. I have been part of creating human life. Twice. Let that sink in for a second.

I am a being evolved from a lifetime of movies, comics, computer games, and quirky food. I live and breathe technology, and am a self-professed geek. A Google fanboy at heart, always wanting to push the envelope and striving for technological excellence (hence the reason I’ll never own an iPhone). Early adopter, and never afraid of trying something new. A fast learner, with a thirst for knowledge.My hobbies are breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

My Top Five Brand:

  • Google Site: Eurocamp, St Alban,
  • France Tech: Android Likes: Space, dinosaurs, technology
  • Dislikes: Apple. Apple fanboys. Apple watch wearers. Granny smiths.

Check me out on: Instagram @samcaesar Twitter @samcaesar

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