Why do you work here?

I came here for an education, joining SGM as a young 17-year-old whippersnapper after dropping out of A-levels in the summer of 2017. Completing my course in September 2018. It has been great, I’ve been loving it.

What do you do at work each day?

I am part of a lovely little team called Pocket Giant, we deliver use a range of digital advertising tools for well over 100 clients. I also deliver banter of such an advanced level that I have to regularly meditate to avoid obliteration.

What excites you about digital?

There is so much about digital that really butters my eggroll, but for me, the new tech coming to electric vehicles. With Tesla incorporating auto-driving into their cars as well as making them SUPER fast. I think that’s pretty cool. Oh, also, the AI voice technology is pretty rad, I can see the likes of Alexa and Google Home actually becoming an integral part of most people’s everyday life, I’m so pumped for full home automation that doesn’t cost an absolute fortune.