Hi, my name is Olly and I am Search Account Executive at Sleeping Giant Media.

I’m a relatively new addition to the SGM team, but have loved every minute of it so far! Here at SGM we excel in the delivery of digital marketing, which means we are continually learning new things in order to bring innovative ideas to the table to ensure we stay ahead of the curve. What this means is that I get to learn new things every day, which is great for my development but also the clients I work with!

I am Adwords certified in Search, Display, Video, Shopping & Mobile and also have a degree in Media Studies & Media Production.
When I’m not at work, you’ll either find me at the gym, attempting some sort of DIY task on our new home (usually well beyond my skill level!), or in a coffee shop/restaurant with my wife. I have a relaxed attitude and a permanent smile, accompanied with a can-do work ethic and a desire for knowledge.

My Top Five

  • Brand: Reebok
  • Site: Netflix
  • Tech: My Laptop
  • Likes: Squats. Coffee
  • Dislikes: Spring rolls”
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