I’m Greg and I love the sea. I joined SGM in March 2016 as a Search Account Executive.

In a previous life, I have studied Animation at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication and got my BA. However, I decided early on that it wasn’t for me.  So I spent the next few years having a varied set of career roles from running a sailing school to being a jeweller. All this has lead to a wealth of experience, a can-do attitude and a love of learning new things.

I am a massive geek, I build computers, love Sci-Fi and Fantasy and love to play games. I thank my fiancee for putting up with all my eccentricities and hair-brained schemes. I am not afraid to try new things and love being out on the sea, racing a Laser 4000 twice a week and looking to start on the National circuit in 2016!

I love 80s action films and pretty much anything with Arnie in (although most action stars will serve in a pinch). I am looking forward to being a forward-thinking, productive member of the Sleeping Giant Team (and having a swim in the ball pit)!

Previous Achievements include: living on a yacht in Turkey, sailing on a tall ship, travelling with my fiance and sharing a tiny Toyota Estima for a month, teaching myself HTML & CSS and coming third in the Stratos Nationals

Top Five
Brand: Rooster
Site: Kotaku, Amazon, Gawker
Tech: Droid
Likes: Sailing, Rum, Travelling, Exercise, a good game of Punzai
Dislikes: Being idle