Hi, I’m Lizzi. Standing tall at 5 foot 2 and (a very important ¾) I am actually the polar opposite of a Giant, so was very grateful when I was hired back in April 2015 despite my shortcomings, (literally). What I lack in height I certainly make up for in sneezing. In my first few months here I quickly made a name for myself as sneezy and currently hold the office record for the amount of sneezes in one working day- it’s 33, in case you’re interested.

Living pretty far from the office, in Rochester, I can often be found stuck somewhere on a SouthEastern train, reading blogs, writing my own blog and catching up on all my favourite YouTube channels.

I came to Sleeping Giant Media fresh out of university, give or take a few months. I went to The University Of East Anglia in Norwich where I studied English Literature. After 3 years of reading <i>a lot </i>I graduated with a 2:1, a suitcase full of books, and a deep-rooted hatred of Robinson Crusoe. Whilst at uni I also tried my hand at student radio so I could explore my love for music, but also discovered a real passion for communications and marketing along the way. My station was lucky enough to be nominated for 3 National Student Radio awards last year which was very exciting and a real highlight of my degree.

As a keen singer I’ve been lucky enough to sing in some wonderful choirs, in the UK, America &amp; many more countries across Europe. A particular favourite has to be singing in a Disneyland parade in California. I’m also a grade 5 standard drummer and got the opportunity to play on stage to a 4000 people strong audience a few years ago. It was absolutely terrifying, but a moment I’ll never forget!

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken-  Oscar Wilde. A motto we definitely live by here at Sleeping Giant Media.

My Top Five

Brand: Topshop.
Site:  YouTube.
Tech: My beloved Nikon Camera.
Likes: Food, Friends, Live Music, Jokes about Cheese.
Dislikes: People who don’t find jokes about cheese funny.