Why do you work here?
First, my interest in marketing. I like the fact that in my position my ideas and creative input are put to use every day; and though, as an agency most of the time the work has the client’s name on it, it’s got my name behind it, so I want to give them my best work possible at all times.
What do you do at work each day?
Help clients reach their full potential on social media and their website by using creative insights and ideas to produce quality, engaging content that is exactly what the user is looking for. Even for clients that offer products and services that aren’t aimed at me, I try to put myself in the customers and potential customers’ shoes and think; what would I want to know and learn, what would get me engaged? Then use these insights to increase positive engagement on social media and attract more traffic to the client’s website, and ultimately generate more sales.
What excites you about digital?
The behavioural aspects of digital. Learning about what makes certain content popular and go viral. Finding out what makes engaging, quality content that gets people talking for all the right reasons and using these factors in my own work, whether it’s through blog posts, website copy or social media.