Why do you work here?

I first heard about SGM when I signed up to, what was then, the very first #GIANTtalks back in July of 2015. Whether it was the shimmer in Luke’s eyes, Justine’s infectious smile or the free sandwiches, I was totally sold and I knew where I wanted to end up with my next career move. I went on to attend every event I could, stalking the company’s social channels, and applying for a few jobs in the process. Fast forward 13 months and they finally gave me a shot. I’m still here because Sleeping Giant is perfect for me; it’s full of great people, we work with great clients, and the business is constantly evolving – always becoming a better place to work.

What do you do at work each day?

Every day really is different – not just because of the array of different clients in my team’s portfolio, but also because of the very nature of the industry we are working in. Broadly speaking, though, if I’m not on the phone catching up with a client then I’m probably head-down either applying best practice SEO, or designing and developing landing pages for our ad clients, or obsessing (compulsively) over a PPC account build. In what’s left my workday, I’m probably fantasising about which bottle of red I’ll be opening when I get home that day. I do love a good Malbec.

What excites you about digital?

Results. A cheesy answer, I know, but the fact is you can pretty much measure anything these days which is more than I can say for a lot of traditional platforms. I feel content when I go home at the end of the day knowing that my hard work has made a difference – and the fact that digital marketing is so tangible means that I can see the fruits of my labour fairly quickly, allowing me to either celebrate my hard work or to figure out what I can do differently the next day.