Why do you work here?

I work here because the seats are comfy and it has a pool table. The unlimited annual leave and snack cupboard. The macs and views of France. The foosball table and the ball-pit. All these things are part of being a GIANT, but none of them are the main reason I work here. Being part of such a creative dynamic local brand is exciting. Every day is different here at GIANT towers. Filming one day, writing sales pitches the next, or shaping the next 3 years of brand Sleeping Giant Media

What do you do at work each day?

Well. I always start my day with at least 2 coffees. This helps me take stock of the day ahead and to communicate with my team of creative marketers to make sure we are on track. On a given day I could be making video content, doing some new designs. Writing or delivering training and seminars to local businesses. Overseeing Giant Campus workshops. Working with Luke on his next idea, Shaping the voice of our brand, writing for Google or just making an awesome Instagram story.

What excites you about digital?

I’m old. So digital seems new to me. It didn’t exist when I was younger, so it seems like im living life on the edge. I love the way you can wake up one day and everything has changed. It keeps you on your toes. I also love how wehn you mix creative and digital together awesome things can happen. Knowing the technical stuff is one thing. Knowing how to make it awesome is another!

Go team Brand & marketing!

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