With UK being the fourth country I have lived in, I joined SGM in early 2015 as a Search Account Executive. This has followed a natural progression of the vivid interest in digital marketing, which I had developed throughout the last few years.

After university, where I studied tourism and hospitality, my professional career has been nothing short of an amazing adventure. From diving into the depths of sales for a manufacturing sales department, to being a food and safety quality assurance for the US Army, and being responsible for the business development of a US Army contractor in Europe. To the moment when digital marketing turned from an interesting perspective into a real passion of mine.

I live and breathe digital marketing and you are very likely to find me in front of my computer when out of the office; working on websites, brokering domains or simply reading the next SEO / online marketing article. I may however also be noticed outside as I love travelling and long walks, or being involved in a sports activity – any sport is just fine with me. I love it! Aside from sports, I am truly interested in psychology, sales, medieval history, rock music and Japan.

Some of the moments I have been really proud of myself are: winning a volleyball tournament back in the years (shameless plug: contributed largely), playing in concert with my school rock band in front of 20,000 people (well, actually 200 but I swear they looked like 20,000 from the stage), multiple recognitions for my work achievements in both sales and as a quality control inspector, winning strategic solicitations as a business development partner, turning digital marketing from a hobby into a profession, and most importantly – my lovely daughter who is my world.

Random facts:

127 biscuits and 3 jars of pickled gherkins consumed every week (separately, of course).
At least 2 SEO or marketing software products every month (have an unhealthy obsession with these)
Average of 283 hours of music listened to and 4 hours played on guitar per month.
Average of 127 beautifully crafted beach volleyball dives made every summer.

Likes: Travelling, reading, exploring different cultures, the seaside, automating boring tasks, tech gadgets, Spurs & SEO.

Dislikes: Cinnamon, laziness, Sphynx cats and people judging books by their covers.

I am a strong believer in the Be the change you wish to see in the world saying and I strive to go by this in everything I do.