Why do you work here?
I work here because it’s fun. I get to challenge myself daily with new and unexpected tasks. This job keeps me on my feet and most importantly keeps me learning new things which is something I firmly believe you should never stop doing.
What do you do at work each day?
I get in, have a cup of coffee, then another, maybe go crazy and have a cup of tea after that and then I organize the calendars of the CEO and Directors. I’ll ensure their weeks are manageable, their days are efficient and that they get to go home and have some family time. When I’m not karate chopping calendars I’m organizing events, making killer presentations, editing video and editing the office Spotify playlist. I also do a TONNE of other things but if I listed them all you’d be here all day.
What excites you about digital?
When some see a bus full of people staring at their phones they tut and complain about how anti-social technology is. That’s not how I feel though, those people on their phones could be Facetime-ing their family, speaking to a friend on the other side of the world or just checking up on the local news. There is an infinite amount of possibilities what those people staring at their phones could be doing and THAT’S what I love about digital. Endless possibilities.