I am an Account Manager at Sleeping Giant Media.

I have a responsibility to combine multi disciplinary functions with mature commercial, focused and creative thinking to produce the best service experience and outcome a customer can expect. And then do better.

I graduated from the Finance University in Moscow with a Masters degree in Finance and a Diploma in Business Management.  I have a CII in Insurance from my previous work for Lloyd’s of London.  I’m currently AdWords and Mobile Certified.

Finally settling in the UK for very good reasons (my cats would like to think they are top of this list), living in other countries has given me a reasonably wide life experience and a perspective of different lifestyles, people and cultures. I have two 10K runs under my belt, having been told I would have a difficulty walking as a child.

I’ve been fortunate to have travelled and lived in a number of countries. Having always been fascinated by people, a people watcher, and an avid listener, I’ve developed an incurable interest learning how and what motivates different individuals and groups. This helps me to understand, interpret and incorporate customer’s needs into maximising their communication with others.

My Top Five

Brand: Chanel

Site: Instagram

Tech: Apple

Likes: Wi-Fi

Dislikes: Absence of Wi-Fi

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