Why do you work here?

Where else can you combine a love for digital, personal development and tom foolery¬†(within reason, ofc)? My passion for content creation has a real purpose here, the people are all pretty amazing and the view of the white cliffs and France can turn any frown upside down. No two days are the same, you never get the opportunity to be bored. Digital is no longer the future, it’s the present – and this place gets it.

What do you do at work each day?

By day, I help to manage the day-to-day runnings of Giant Campus. I creatively market what we do here at SGM & GC, make cool content for both brands and have a good chinwag with you lot on our social channels. By night, I’m singing popular TV theme tunes with my parrot.

What excites you about digital?

Digital is very exciting. The power it has to connect me with other likeminded crazy cat ladies, the ability to spread joy to millions with my content and pictures of three-legged cats… the possibilities are endless and ever-evolving.