Why do you work here?
Even before joining, from an outsiders perspective I had only seen fun and passion came out of the Giant Towers, and since joining Sleeping Giant Media it has certainly only continued to build on that image! It might be the team lunches, snack cupboard, PS4 or pool table, I know, a theme emerging here… what can I say, I’m a sucker for fun & food, but the genuine joy I get on a daily basis, surrounded by humble, driven people who are always willing to go the extra mile and help you out makes coming to work a real pleasure and not a chore! Plus the ball-pit and views to France are awesome…
What do you do at work each day?
It’s common knowledge here at Sleeping Giant Media that the Digital Creative Team is by far the best! A brazen claim, but, after all, we are the ones who do all the fun stuff! On a day to day basis you will see us working on social campaigns, writing content, doing outreach for our clients & regularly drinking coffee! ☕️ ????
What excites you about digital?
Being creative and a little bit mad is a good thing! It’s really a case of “no ideas a bad idea”, all ideas are respected in digital marketing, and sometimes the most out-there experiments turn out to be the most worthwhile.