The infographic below contains 64 useful strategies to make Google+ work for your brand. Google+ is going to be increasingly important for businesses and marketers as it becomes more interlinked with Google search itself, so it’s vital that brands start to get to grips with Google+. It’s an indispensable tool for content and social marketing.

To give you a flying start, here are my 10 top tips from the infographic:

  1. Use Google Authorship to link your web content to your personal Google+ profile. This will place a little photo of your gorgeous self next to the snippet in the Google search engine results pages. Find out how to do this here
  2. Use keywords in your Story. This is your chance to tell everyone about your business or brand. On your page you get to include a Tagline and an Introduction. Using keywords will help people find your page when they search on Google+.
  3. Use Hangouts for free, live video calls or webinars with no need to download any software. Hangouts On Air are the live stream, but Google+ also records your Hangout to YouTube so you can edit and share it later.
  4. Post links to your blog posts to increase SEO and backlinks.
  5. Include hashtags in your posts, so that your posts can then be found in search on Google+.
  6. + Mention others in your posts, just like @ mentioning on Twitter, to reach out to brands and people. This is a great way to draw other Google+ users to your posts and encourage them to share, but don’t spam them!
  7. Google+ is perfect for multimedia posts. Large images appear bigger on the home screen and videos can play from within the post.
  8. Make sure your posts are public to increase SEO.
  9. Identify influencers using Ripples. Ripples allow you to see who has shared your public posts, who has subsequently re-shared the post, and so forth. It displays a visual graphic and would be useful for finding influencers to follow and engage with.
  10. Don’t forget to link to your website and other social profiles from your Google+ Page.

64 Google+ Content Strategies [Infographic]

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We’d really like to hear from you about what strategies you use for Google+. What works for your brand and what doesn’t? Please leave a comment in the box below.

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