We are often asked what is the value of blogging from and SEO perspective. Its a good question, and difficult to put a specific number on. What I would say however is that if Google has a choice of ranking a site that has fresh relevant content over a site that hasn’t changed for a year… It will (and we have seen it happen) pick the site that has been updated and fleshed out with content. So, if that position drop, impacts your traffic and subsequently your sale. That, is the value of bloging!
So, what tips would we give to maximise the SEO value of the blogging?

1. Link the blog back to core product pages with relevant anchor text.

Write your blog and link it back to your products/services using that term to link back. If you offer White Label PPC for examples, don’t link to it with a “read more” link, but use ” White Label PPC ” as the link text to the page on your site. (see what I have done there)

2. Include images with relevant alt text

Images are fun. Your viewers like looking at them. See, you are looking at this one right now aren’t you. Again, just make sure you tag it up properly so that the search engines can see it. We get traffic to our site because people search for “landing page strategy” and our image ranks.

3. Socialise!

Google is openly using twitter as a way of finding new fresh content. So, make sure that as soon as you publish your article you tweet it out to your followers with a link back to the article. So, for this article I will tweet something like: “Hello all, wondering what the value of a blog is? Here are 3 tips to help increase its value. LINK”

I hope that is of use, as ever please let me know if you have any questions below and I can come back to you.


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