Luke Quilter looks forward to what 2013 means for onlineSo 2012 has been a big year for the online channel. There has been growth across most of the core areas such as PPC, SEO and social, but what does 2013 have in store for us? Have we reached the summit of online advertising spend, have the customers Googled their last Google? I think not.

In fact, we are quite a way off the summit of the online marketing peak. There are still many businesses who are not embracing the online marketing trend and they are starting to wake up to the idea that it is not that difficult or expensive in the grand scheme of things.

I think 2013 will see another leap in online advertising spend with more and more companies starting up their online marketing strategies. Why do I think this I hear you ask… well here goes:

More customers are using the web for a start. The number of people accessing the web is still increasing for a number of reasons:

1. More people trust it

Online payment systems are becoming more effective and secure, and more people are realising this and are more comfortable parting with their cash online.

2. More people have access to it

Broadband is NOT in every home in the UK. Yup, people still hear that crazy dial up sound when they want to check their emails. New devices are being sold that allow people to access the web more frequently. As I type this I can see 4 people on their smartphones online. (I don’t want to tell you what I can see on 1 young gentleman’s screen!) The only outcome is that more and more people will be accessing content online, and buying via various devices

3. Increasing belief that there are better deals to be found online

Consumers are under the impression that you can find a better deal online. This is not always true, however a lot of the time it is. Why? Because you have access to 1000’s of companies online, not just the 2 in the high street. Additionally, in order to sell online you don’t need to have an expensive shopfront, staff, rent, etc, etc. The web allows companies big and small to compete for the same customer. (That’s what I love about it.)

So, when you put all of the above comments alongside the classical arguments about why you should be advertising online i.e. trackability, speed of reaction, lower barriers to entry and many more. You can see that there is likely to be a continuing trend for customers and businesses to embrace the online market.

The next question is how to you compete in a more increasingly competitive market… call us on 01303 240715 and I can tell you!