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Can your customers find you online?

An Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO stands for Search engine optimisation. When you want something online you generally Google it (other search engines are available) depending on how well thought-out your SEO is, will decide just how easy it is for potential customers to find you. Scary.

In this course, we will be running through the core elements of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which is the process of obtaining traffic from the organic search results on search engines. You may sometimes hear SEO referred to as organic or natural traffic. SEO results are the main aspect of the Google search engine results page, and normally sit below the top paid listings.

The price is £295 + VAT per person per course. This includes all hand outs, lunch, refreshments and the over-whelming feeling in your belly that you are doing the right thing by your website and your businesses future looks rosy. Join us after for some networking and maybe a game of pool.


We even follow-up with you post training, to make sure your goals are still on track.

This course is aimed at building your SEO knowledge so you feel comfortable and confident in making the right decisions when it comes to implementing it in your account. This course is suitable for beginners and upwards. Also suitable for any size and type of business.

We pride ourselves on the learning experience so we like to keep in touch, both with you and your business to make sure you are fulfilling your potential with scheduled catch ups and other little motivators to help you along the way

The session contains the mystery that is SEO, but also:

Overview of SEO, Keyword Research, On-Page SEO Theory & Optimisation, Meta Data, Internal Linking, Site Structure, Functional Content, Site Speed, Mobile optimisation. Off-Page SEO Theory & Creative Planning, useful SEO Tools. Advanced Web Ranking, Search Console, SEM Rush, Majestic SEO

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50% of consumers visit a store within a day of their local search on a smartphone.

(Source: Google)

Why choose us?

- Because we know how to find you more customers online!

- Built and facilitated by Kent based multi-award winning Digital Marketing agency with industry experts that work on this stuff daily

- We are trained personally by Google on the latest trends and can deliver highly sought after advice from one of the most reputable online sources

- We do things in GIANT ways, no more boring classrooms/p>

- Learn at GIANT Towers and experience our famous ball pit for yourself, have lunch on us

- Discounts available for groups or multiple bookings

Don't just take our word for it...

I would attend further Giant training events or recommend them to others - 5/5

"Anthony was a great trainer. He was friendly, approachable, and quick to respond to business-specific issues that we raised and had a knack for turning them into points that we could all apply to our own businesses. He's clearly an expert and paced the training perfectly. Great job!" - Damon McCollin-Moore - Ifour

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course, your offices have such a great atmosphere which, as well as injecting fun, I’m sure also helped me absorb some additional information! ... I learned an awful lot, so I’m now all inspired to develop and improve our account with a new list of ideas."