Agency White Label - Sales Assistance

Driving Business

When working in a white label capacity with an agency, it is in our interest to do all we can to support and facilitate your new business development.

To achieve this we can provide:

  • full training on looking on undertaking a simple SEO audit and/or looking at a client's AdWords account
  • help translating this so that you can understand the service and how to talk about it confidently to your clients
  • advice on how to pitch them, help with all pitch documentation, and/or feed into overall pitch research and planning

As an agency, through our direct clients, white label agency clients and partner agency clients, we have worked in over 50 marketplaces across various platforms applying numerous strategies to a vast range of business models. This experience is particularly valuable during the acquisition of new clients, a resource our agency partners have complete access to.

And finally, it is not unusual for us to attend pitch meetings, as a member of your business, to help support your new business development team during client meetings, giving the team the confidence they need to win those new accounts in an area they may not be hugely experienced in.

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